Healthcare Industry Trends

Healthcare is an essential, dynamic, and opportunity-rich industry. In the past years, the healthcare industry has been undergoing various changes with the development of technology, including remote consultations with specialists, wearable tracking devices, etc., and since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, all the governments will increase the investment to the constructions of public hospitals and build a more reliable, efficient and secure informatization platform to support various medical applications, and future expansion or challenges.

Healthcare Industry Challenges

In the hospitals, several seconds could be a matter of life and death, so fast, efficient and correct data collection, transmission, and storage of the network infrastructure is becoming more important, however it also brings some challenges to hospital network construction.
  • High bandwidth and performance for nowadays digital imaging, HD video conference, and virtual telemedicine, and patient entertainments requirements
  • High stability and high efficiency for long-term yet stable running
  • High flame-retardant performance for security
  • High Intelligence for network management efficiency and reliability
  • Information storage and backup
  • Electromagnetic interference from medical devices

Why Vericom

  • One-stop services

    One-stop services for both Cabling and Data Center Infrastructure
  • Intelligence

    Provide intelligent infrastructure management platform for easy and convenient maintenance
  • Cost-effectiveness

    Improve quality of patient care service while
    lowering operating cost
  • Expansibility

    No need to retrofit existing cabling infrastructure if network upgrade, addition, and change with the adoption of high- bandwidth and high-performance data transmission system
  • Future-proof

    Support advanced medical and clinical applications, and future IoT applications
  • Quick Response

    Guarantee the ability to get information quickly with high- speed and stable access to database, thus save more time for patient’s diagnosis

VERICOM Healthcare Solutions

Data Center and Structured Cabling infrastructure are the premise of building an information platform, and act as the nervous system of a hospital network. VERICOM, as a professional provider of network communication and network energy, can offer the following solutions to support hospital facilities and campuses.
  • Product Solutions
  • Case Study

Copper Cabling Solutions for high speed transmission and PoE applications

Optical Fiber Solutions for high density and high bandwidth applications

Rack & Cabinet Solutions for storage of network devices

Data Center Solutions

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